Taking part in an ESD art experience was a great way to spend a Sunday morning! Not only did I learn new art techniques, met interesting people who I would not have met otherwise, and had a lot of fun – but I also felt like I was part of something bigger. Overall, was a really great time!

Ruben Q

I took part in an experience with ESD and Artbox where we learnt the art of Shibori! I really enjoyed the experience, met some great people, had lots of fun all while feeling like we were really helping the community and getting to know the locals. Great day and would recommend!

Wai Foong Ng

I took part in an Experience Something Different experience whilst on a group day out in London in May. I was so impressed with the attention to detail and the quality of the day that had been built for us. Our day out involved creating and making Art in an artists gallery.

Lauren Howa