Do. Good.


Our founder, Lewis, started with a vision: to use shared stories and the experience economy as a force for good. To keep it simple he summed it up in two, one word sentences.

Do. Good.

He joined with the team at Good Innovation running days out trips and experiences with charities and social enterprises since 2017. 100% of our profits went to charity.

One day we got a request from a school.


Our Teachers

First, we listened to teachers.

  • They were disappointed with missed opportunities for Learning outside the Classroom.

  • Suffocated by the restrictions of traditional approaches to curriculum.

  • And anxious for the future of their students.

A recent Pew survey backed up these concerns. Showing that just 19% of young people think 'most people can be trusted' .

This is the lowest social trust of any generation on record.


Our Future

Then, we listened to young people.

They told us that in a world of competitive pressure, league tables and exams they feel woefully underprepared for.

  • Changing Climate.

  • Changing Technology.

  • Changing Work.

  • And a changing world.

The recent global student strikes underline the problem. They show an adult status quo unwilling to listen to the science. They show a younger generation disengaged from teachers and subjects, disillusioned with their schools and governments.


Our Context

Many of the current linear, hierarchical business, production and education models already no longer serve us or the planet. The philanthropic models of the past cannot save us, either now or in  the future. 

It is critical to adapt and evolve to meet these challenges. By 2050, with a global population of 10 billion, global warming, finite resources, and our succession to technology, the world will be unrecognisable. The game has changed. So must our rules.

The United Nations has lain out a framework of goals to address these problems, head on by 2030.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

“We as individuals and societies need to learn to live together sustainably. We need to take action responsibly, based on the understanding that what we do today can have implications on the lives of people and the planet in future.” UNESCO


ESD: In theory And In Practice

In addition UNESCO’s Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) initiative empowers people to embrace the challenges of a changing planet and work towards a sustainable future. 

UNESCO’s Education For Sustainable Development (ESD)


Experience Something Different (ESD) is the practical application of this theory. We are a concept born from the charity sector, proven in the world of start ups and delivered by innovators in education. 

We launched in 2017 with a guiding light of using shared stories as a force for good. Since then we have established a model of curriculum driven, targeted learning outside the classroom for the young leaders of the future. In 2019 we combined this with our one for one model as we felt it was our best way possible to double down on our ‘Do. Good’ mission.

We believe that dialogue and collaboration between young people and socially responsible business can help meet the challenges of climate change head on.

We believe that to create good employees, good students and good custodians of the earth we must start by restoring young people’s faith in our capacity for change.

We believe that through empathy, fairness and collaboration the world can become a more efficient, cleaner and kinder place.


Our Plan

Simply put, we do educational visits and school trips. We have over 20 years experience in this field. But by first listening to educators in the discovery phase of the experience, by drawing on our matching software and comprehensive database in the design phase, and by finally putting student’s' voices at the centre of the experiences we deliver, we offer something bespoke, original and exciting. We prepare the next generation for a very different world to the one we live in today.

Our collaborative context is testament to the importance of a diverse community in our goal. As a partnership between, educators, start-ups, charities, socially responsible businesses, communities and creatives in all fields we understand that new approaches are needed to learn and evolve.

By 2050, global food demand is expected to increase by 60 percent. Meeting this challenge is made tougher by climate change. - Bill Gates

We are entering a period of potentially catastrophic worldwide upheaval not seen since the Second World War. We are hopelessly ill-equipped for the societal challenges that climate change, increasing pollution and and mass extinctions will bring. The scientific evidence is overwhelming. We need new ways of running our societies to meet this challenge.

Young people intuitively understand this as they are less restricted by the dogmas of the past. Young people see that a radical reappraisal of how we live, work and learn is necessary for them to properly manage the future.

Teachers scientists, teachers and entrepreneurs in the new economy understand that we need to help young people. Together we can give them the tools for a sustainable future, an incubator for their ideas and the start of a new relationship with our planet.

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